Using QR Codes

Read below to learn how to use the QR codes on your machine to access your personalized CONNECT® site.

With Cold Jet CONNECT®, you can access information about your specific machine by scanning a QR code.

Your machine has several conveniently located stickers with a QR code that link to your personalized CONNECT® site.

You can locate these stickers near the display screen, inside the hopper, and in your machine's User Guide.

Once you have located one of your QR codes, follow the steps below:

Steps to Scan Your QR Code
  1. Pull out your mobile device and open the camera or other QR code scanner.
  2. Place the QR code within the camera's view.
    • If the QR code does not immediately register, tap on the screen where you see the QR code to refocus.
  3. Once it registers the code, a link will pop up.
  4. Clicking the link will bring you to the custom CONNECT® page for your machine.
    • If you have a CONNECT® subscription that provides access to Analytics or Remote, you will find links to those areas within your machine's CONNECT® site.